Frequently Asked Questions

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Account Information

First verify you are using the correct email address and password and that your account has not expired. Did you click "I forgot my password?

The password is case-sensitive. Make sure you type it as originally entered. It's possible that your Caps Lock is turned on, or was on when you entered your password. Try pressing it once and entering your password again.

If this fails you can get a new password by clicking on the "I forgot my password" link on the login page. You will be asked to enter your email address. The system will generate a new password and send it to you.

Verify your account has not expired; go to Account tab, Home Page, under Your Account Information see expiration date, if your account has expired simply click Upgrade or Renew this account. After completion you will be able to login.

If you already clicked on "I forgot my password", the system sent you a new password. Just look for the email, you may need to look in your spam folder for it. Once you login with the new password, you can click on the Change Password link (at the top of your screen)to change it to what ever you want.

Unfortunately, Microsoft abandoned further development of Internet Explorer for Mac in June of 2003. Microsoft has announced that at the end of 2005, they will no longer support IE for Mac at all. For more information, please read Mactopia, Microsoft's official Mac software website.

The most recent version of IE for Mac contains a number of rendering bugs and has problems with secured connections, all of which cause additional development time. We do not support IE for Mac on our site and recommend Mozilla's Firefox or Apple's Safari.

Admail's information database is protected by the most up to date and stringent methods available. All of the data we handle is protected by a secure internet security protocol, known as SSL (Secure Socket Layer). Any Information you transport to your List Builder database using our upload and download service is protected by SSL.

Your data is then kept in our secure database storage facility. Access to our physical storage facility (Network Operation Facility) is only allowed with a security authorized thumbprint and retinal scan. Records at this facility are stored on state of the art servers and a redundant machine mirroring data updates to protect it in the event of a catastrophic failure.

List Builder (data & list management)

Due to compatibility issues with how data is stored, the only type of field that can be selected when a file is uploaded is defined as a text field in your Customer Sign-up Form.

If you look at your Customer Sign-up Form, the text fields are highlighted in blue, denoting they are compatible with the upload process. Setting a column to something other than what is specified is allowed BUT WILL RESULT IN CORRUPTED DATA.

If there are additional and/or non-matching columns in your data file than there are available choices for the upload, just select the "Ignore this Column" option for that column.

Issues in a few common web browsers cause this to happen. If you experience this, please click "Back" and try your upload again. If the problem persists, we recommend trying an alternate web browser such as Opera or Firefox.

Once you have logged into your account, go to List Builder tab, select "Interest Groups." In the yellow box, click on Create Interest Group to create a group. This allows you to segment your list.

Yes! Go to your Interest Groups page under List Builder. In the yellow action box, click on Create Interest Group. Fill in a name for your new group and click advanced options. Select the checkbox for Not already in other interest groups. Click ok.

That's it! This action will populate your newly created interest group with all of the members of your list.

Other options include creating an interest group and then re-uploading a file with the names you'd like to put into that interest group. In the process of uploading you will be asked if you'd like to put the list in an interest group.

The Display Status indicates whether or not an Interest Group can be seen by your List Members. When you first create an Interest Group, it will be hidden. That means that List Members will not see it if they go to the Sign-Up form or the Remove/Edit Preferences Page.

To change the Display Status of an Interest Group, go to your Interest Groups page under List Builder. Find the group you'd like to modify and click on the change link next on the Display Status line.

Yes. With a slight change in your sign-up form code, you can have new recipients placed into any of your Interest Groups.

Go to List Builder, click Sign-Up Form, scroll down and click on "Add Sign-Up Form to Your Site". Follow the steps to set up your Sign-Up Form Link.

For details, contact

It's easy! Go to your Interest Groups page under List Builder. Find the group you want to merge other groups into (i.e. the 'primary' group). Click on the 'merging' link in that group. Now, select the groups you want to merge into it. Click ok. The primary group will be updated with it's new active member count.

If you don't have any further need for the groups you merged, you can now delete them.

Yes, but the list must be submitted to our Compliance Department for review and you will need to provide a letter from the Third Party List owner authorizing you to use it.

If you have checked and corrected any errors in your list and still have records that appear to not be uploading, the discrepancy is the result addresses being eliminated due to the fact that they are already in our unsubscribed or non-deliverable database. If you believe your list is clean and still have problems, please contact us at

Yes. If you have purchased an account, send an email with your Account ID to and request the logo be turned off. This will only remove the logo image, not the Remove and Preference request link at the bottom of your email message.

The easiest way to upload your list to Admail is by exporting it as a .CSV file. This can be easily accomplished in most database programs including Microsoft Excel. All you need to do is choose "Save As.." and then when you have the option to change the file type, select .CSV in the drop down. If you are having trouble finding out how to do this in your particular software you may want to check the help documentation of that software or contact the manufacturer.

In Outlook, open My contacts and go to "File."

Select "Options" in the left column and then select "Advanced."

After that, go to the the Export button. Select "Export to file" from here you can follow the steps given to you by the program.

When asked, you'll want your file as a Comma Seperated Values(.CSV).

Email Builder (email creation & deployment)

You can buy additional credits by purchasing FlexCredits at any time. FlexCredits won't run out at the end of the month. If you buy 5,000 but only use 4,500, you will have 500 credits left to apply towards your next overage. Simply click on the "Shopping Cart" link underneath your "Home" tab.

If your list has grown to the point where you need to send additional emails every month, you may want to consider upgrading. You can upgrade your account by clicking on your account tab and following the upgrade or renew link.

Email Builder provides a quick way to send out test messages. While on the Review Your Email page in Email Builder, click on the 'Send Test Message' button at the bottom. A small pop-up window will appear. Fill in an email address and click send. A sample of your email will be sent immediately.

The test email will not have link tracking enabled, and any other automatically generated link (ie. remove link) will be inoperable.

We have found that some spam filters do not like emails that are created in this manner, so the deliverability of the test message is not reflective of the deliverability of the final campaign. To do further testing, we generally advise that a special 'Test' Interest Group be created that contains a few email addresses specifically for testing.

Yes. However, when using FLASH you must be extremely familiar with it's functionality prior to using it in an email message.

For best results upload the Flash to an existing web site, then using the "Fetch" function input the link and Email Builder will do the rest. Many email clients do not support Flash, so it is critical that you include alternate text when using flash.

You may personalize your email in the subject line and in the text or HTML body of your message. The available information includes the email address, first name and other fields from your list member profile. It is possible to provide a fallback, or default value for the instances where a List Member has not provided the requested data.

Look for the link that says 'Personalize this Email' or 'Personalize this Subject' while creating your email in Email Builder. A box will appear to provide step by step instructions on generating the code you need to insert the personalization in your email.


To insert the first name- %%FIRST%%
The default for first name would be 'Customer'- %%FIRST:Customer%%

Yes. Once you are logged into your account select "Interest Groups" and create the groups you need. Once you have created separate interest groups, identify and mark your members accordingly. When you create your newsletter or campaign, select which group you want to send it to.

Yes. If you have an Advantage package, you can store .gif .jpg and .png images on our system. You can store up to 50 images. If your needs exceed these limits, please call Sales at 1-800-479-6233

You can upload and manage your images; under the "Email Builder" click "Your Images" to get to the Image Manager page. Just follow the directions.

When you compose a Custom HTML email or use one of Email Builder email templates and you have stored images, you can click the "Add Image" button to insert the image into your email. It will ask you for the image location and gives you the option to link the image(s)to your website.

Images stored on our system will be available for viewing in an email for two months after you send your campaign.

Yes! Additional credits (Flex Credits) can be purchased through your 'Shopping Cart' located under the 'Account' tab.

If your list has experienced growth and your current plan does not cover your monthly email needs, then you may want to consider upgrading; any unused portion of your account will be credited towards your upgrade. You can upgrade your account from the 'Account' tab by clicking on the Upgrade or Renew link.

Microsoft Word is not a true HTML editor and DOES NOT generate HTML that is compatible across Internet platforms, which causes your email to be unreadable.

For true compatible HTML and rich media in your email, you might want to try KompoZer, a design tool which many of our customers have found effective and easy to use. It can be downloaded for free at

Windows/Microsoft users select the download for "Win32 binary"

Target Filters (not included in Admail XP-Lite accounts) are used to further refine the targeting of your campaigns.

Example - You want to send a mailing to list members who live in Florida. Go to Email Builder tab, click on Target Filters, name the target filter "Florida Members", select the category icon State or Province, click on Florida, and click Save.

Select View Drafts from the Email Builder tab, Choose the draft you want. Now your at the Review Your Email page, click "Re-address your email". Under Target Filters click on Select a Target Filter. From the drop down menu choose Florida Members. Now click I'm done editing>>. You will be taken back to the Review Your Email page.

For more information about this advanced feature call support at 800-479-6322.

When using your Admail Email Builder Templates with Images - Microsoft IE 8's default security setting will ask you "Do you want to view only the webpage content that was delivered securely" you must select the "No" option. If you say yes the unsecured Images (photos, logos, etc) will not load and you will find yourself stuck.

Images are viewable for two months after a campaign is sent.

One note of caution; If you delete the image or photograph from your Image Library prior to the end of the two months no will be able to view it.

Images are viewable for two months after you've sent a campaign. However, if you delete the image from your image library, it will no longer be visible at all!

This is by far one of the most commonly asked questions that we get here at Our users expect, and rightfully so, to see exactly what they have created in our editor to appear in their recipient’s email inbox. We completely understand this expectation and we too wish it could always work out that way. We’ve gone to great lengths to make our email editor as compatible as possible with every email client, but the simple fact is that we can’t make it absolutely compatible for every email client simultaneously.

To understand why there is sometimes a difference between what you see in a preview and what you see in an email client, you must understand that each individual email client (Outlook, Yahoo, Gmail, Apple Mail, Hotmail, etc.) renders the HTML it receives differently. It’s similar to how viewing a website in a different browser can cause viewing problems. In reality each and every email client that receives your email will render it differently, no matter how slight the difference. I say this in part to alleviate some of the pressure you are feeling to have you email be perfect for every single recipient, it’s impossible. No one is going to see the intended email and the one they actually receive side-by-side, so if there are small difference, they won’t be the wiser. That being said, we completely understand your concern and know that there is a level of deviation that is acceptable and one that is not.

Our email templates have been designed to be as compatible with all email clients as possible. We have, of course, spent more time on compatibility with the major, most up to date email clients, so if you are viewing the email in a particularly old or obscure email browser, that may be where a display issue is originating.

If you experience a display difference from your preview to what you are receiving in your inbox, check the email in several email clients to see if the problem is being relayed across the board. If not, you check your email client to see if it is up to date. As always, if a problem persists you are welcome to give us a call so we can help you through it.

If this happens your first course of action should be to use the HTML Cleanup Brush on each section and column of your email. You can do this by clicking on the section or column in Email Builder 2.0 and then clicking on the Cleanup Brush in the editor.

Many times this occurs if you attempt to paste into a template from Dreamweaver, Frontpage, or other HTML creator programs. Paste from these programs into templates at your own risk. The cleanup option will work most of the time but you run the risk of breaking your template and having to start the creation process all over.


Most email clients do not support the use of image mapping. The alternative to image mapping is image slicing. Using this technique you can achieve similar results that will work in email.

If you are unfamiliar with image slicing and would like to use it in your email, please see our Video User Guide on the topic. This is, however, an advanced technique and can be difficult for new and inexperienced users.

We recommend using the most up-to-date versions of Firefox (5.0 or higher), Internet Explorer (version 9 or higher), Chrome, and Safari.

Other browsers may be compatible, but we can not guarantee their performance.

Accu Trak (email tracking & statistics)

When you send email, there's always a chance that some messages may not be delivered and will be returned. This is called a 'Bounce'. catches bounces and marks the list member(s) as having bounced. Bounces can happen for a number of reasons, and not all of them are permanent. treats most bounces as 'soft' bounces, which means that on your next email campaign, List Members that bounced in your last campaign will be mailed to again. As you send additional email campaigns, tracks users that have multiple bounces, marks them as 'non-deliverable' and takes them out of your active list. Specifically, this occurs on the fourth bounce. Because of this, you will probably see a jump in your non-deliverable count in your fourth mailing. This is quite normal due to the volatile nature of email addresses.

For major email providers with consistent error messages, we will flag a non-deliverable list member after one identifiable 'hard' bounce. If an error message is not recognized, a bounce will be treated as a 'soft' bounce, requiring four attempts before removal from your list.

For one campaign, a recipient can only register one bounce, even if their mail server sends us multiple messages.

To start, verify you have the correct "Customer Service Address" in your account settings. This address is where reply emails will be directed.

If it's correct and you still aren't receiving your replies, check your spam folder. If they aren't caught there, you'll need to contact your Administrator and have them whitelist the test email address "".

Open counts are only available in HTML emails; Either Email Builder Templates or Custom HTML campaigns will work.

We recommend you switch your Customer Service Email to a Gmail account. Many times your campaign email will be reformatted by you current email client causing it to be snagged by you ISP's spam filter. Gmail accounts don't seem to have this problem and are an easy solution. Your other option is to speak to the person in charge of the spam filter for your particular ISP and solve the problem with them. With the system we do our best to capture and delete most standard “Out of Office” and “Away on Vacation” replies - but some default replies can slip through.

Replies and bounces are processed and appropriately forwarded for 35 days. Opens, clickthroughs and removes are tracked for 120 days.

After 120 days have passed, the links in your email campaign, both Accu Trak links and Removal links, will continue to function, but no statistics will be recorded.

Email and Spam Blockers

Yes. We have done the research on these major ISP's and we ensure that our system follows all of their Terms of Service required for their whitelist. Below are the general requirements taken from the AOL Postmaster Guidelines website.

Conditions For Gaining Whitelisted Status

The whitelist is designed to help AOL work with organizations and individuals who send out a high volume of solicited email. IPs on the whitelist are protected from some, but not all, of AOL's spam filters. It does not guarantee delivery of mail originating from such IPs - ultimately, mail delivery will depend upon the reputation of the sender.

Remember that since whitelisting requires a feedback loop, the feedback loop guidelines and criteria also apply! (We always provide the proper feedback loop information and monitor our inboxes for messages from ISPs)

Terms and Conditions

Email originating from the whitelisted IP address must be compliant with the Federal CAN-SPAM Act. ( understands and strictly follows all statuates of the CAN-SPAM act.)

All bulk email to AOL members must be solicited, meaning that the sender has an existing and provable relationship with the email recipient, and that the recipient has not requested to be opted out from future mailings. Details as the date and time when the email address was obtained along with the IP address of the subscriber and the web site they visited to sign-up must be made available to AOL upon request. More...

Customers using Earthlink may have spamBlocker software enabled and the newsletter is being flagged as "suspect spam" or spam.

You should inform users of Earthlink and spamBlocker software that in order to be certain they receive your mailings they must specify your ( email address or domain in their settings.

If your messages gets flagged as "suspect spam", it will be placed in a special "suspect email" folder instead of their inboxes. Periodically your customer will view this folder and they can just click on a single button that will allow future messages from you to pass directly to their inboxes.

To accomplish this you'll have to work with your list members. The following are instructions (by individual ISP) which you use to work with your list members to insure delivery to their inbox.

America Online (AOL)

Check your Spam Folder to make certain that your filters have not mistaken our emails as Spam:

  1. Go to AOL Keyword: Spam Folder
  2. Find the emails and select them
  3. Click the "This Is Not Spam" button

Comcast Web Mail

  1. Click the "Email Options" link in the main toolbar
  2. Select "Edit/View Parental Controls" under the Comcast Email Settings menu
  3. Enter your sender address (, then click the "Add" button:


Classic Web Mail

  1. Click the "Address Book" link in the left pane, below your Inbox and other mail folders
  2. Click "Companies (Domains)" from the menu next to the Add button
  3. Click the "Add" button
  4. Type "("
  5. Select "Allow This Company (Domain)"

Enhanced Web Mail

  1. Select the "Address Book" tab in the Folders/Address Book Pane
  2. Click the "New" button at the bottom of the pane
  3. Choose "Add/Edit Company (Domain)"
  4. When the Companies (Domains) panel opens, click the "Add" button
  5. Type "(" in the text field
  6. Press your "Enter" or "Return" key


  1. Click "Contacts" link on the left hand side menu
  2. Click "Add Contact" link on the right hand side of page
  3. In the "Primary Email" text box, type in "("
  4. Click the "Save" button


  1. Select the "Contacts" tab
  2. On the left side of the page, Click the "Safe List" link
  3. Type in "("
  4. Click the "Add" button

MS Outlook:

  1. Go to the "Tools" menu
  2. Select "Options"
  3. Click "Junk Email" button
  4. Select "Safe Senders" tab
  5. Click "Add" button
  6. Type in "("
  7. Click "OK" button for the "add address or domain" menu
  8. Click "OK" button for the "junk email options" menu
  9. Click "OK" button for the "options" menu

Netscape Web Mail

  1. Click "Options" link from the menu
  2. Click "Email Rules" link
  3. Click "Add Rule" button
  4. For the "If..." make sure the drop down "From" and "contains" are chosen
  5. In "the phrase" text field type "("
  6. For "then deliver to..." "INBOX" is choosen
  7. Click "Add Rule" button


  1. Select the "Addresses" tab
  2. Click "Add a New Contact" link
  3. Enter "(" in the Email field
  4. Click the "Save" button (you may add other information however it is optional)

NEED HELP? Call to speak with customer support at 1-800-479-6233.

Spam is a big problem right now and different mechanisms are employed by different companies to deal with it. To ensure continual delivery, you want your list members to add you to their address book or white list.

The best solution is to send a plain text email requesting that list members add your address to their address book. Copy and paste the list of instructions from the previous FAQ into your email and your list members can look up their email service provider for specific instructions on how to whitelist you.


Subject: Please update your information
Message: To receive future (updates or newsletters) please add us to your address book. For instructions see below for your email service provider.
It's also recommended that you include your address to provide further validation. You can do this automatically by checking the box to indicate the email is an advertisement.

We recommend you send a message like this on a quarterly basis.

While lists are changing constantly and no comprehensive list is available, this should give you some idea what to avoid, so your campaigns will not be flagged as spam.

Spam Filter Triggers in the "From" address:
From address name contains empty name
From address name starts with many numbers
From address is "at something-offers"
From address name has no local-part before @ sign
From address name contains drug's name
From address name mentions free stuff
From address name starts with a tab

Spam Filter Trigger Subject Line Text:

Subject contains a gappy version of 'cialis'
Subject contains a gappy version of 'levitra'
Subject contains a gappy version of 'soma'
Subject contains a gappy version of 'valium'
Subject contains a gappy version of 'xanax'
Subject contains an English UCE tag
Subject contains a Japanese UCE tag
Subject: contains Korean unsolicited email tag
Subject talks about weight loss
Subject starts with Lose
Subject line starts with Buy or Buying
Subject is all capitals
Subject indicates sexually-explicit content
Subject says "replica"
Subject starts with Do you dream,have,want,love, etc.
Subject Looks like Phramacy subject.
Subject starts with New software uploaded
Subject says will help
Subject says With ... small
Subject says low rates
Subject says "At No Cost"
Subject says approve you
Subject says "a bigger"
Subject contains "Employer Health Care Information"
Subject contains "As Seen"
Subject starts with dollar amount
Subject contains "Double Your"
Subject contains "For Only"
Subject contains "FREE" in CAPS
Subject contains "Free Instant"
Subject starts with "Free"
Subject starts with "Hello"
Subject includes "life insurance"
Subject contains "Now Only"
Subject contains "Ripped & Strong"
Subject contains "Test"
Subject includes "viagra"
Subject contains "Your Bills" or similar
Subject contains "Your Family"
Subject contains "Your Own"

Phishing and Spam Filter Trigger Body Text:

Talks about price per dose
Talks about an E.D. drug using its chemical name
No prescription needed
Online Pharmacy
Somebody has uploaded some new software for you
Contains a drug and price-like pattern
A loop hole in the banking laws?
Click here
Asks you to click below (in capital letters)
Claims compliance with spam regulations
Claims compliance with Senate Bill 1618
Claims compliance with House Bill 4176
Contains word 'guarantee' in all-caps
Doesn't ask any questions
Offers a full refund
Just $
No such thing as a free lunch
One hundred percent guaranteed
Discusses money making
Talks about bulk email
Contains 'Dear (something)'
Urges you to call now
Contains a tollfree number
Wants you to do business online
Talks about lots of money
Talks about direct email
Talks about mass email
Talks about email marketing
Tells you it's an ad
Instructions on how to increase something
"another mailing" will "never" be "received"
Get a million email addresses
Claims you were on a list
Gives an excuse for why message was sent
Tells you how to stop further spam
Claims to be legitimate email
Claims not to be spam
Claims you opted-in or registered
Claims you registered at their site
Claims address was obtained legitimately
You're receiving this offer for a reason
Claims you have provided permission
Claims you wanted this ad
Plugs Viagra
Plugs "Natural Viagra"
Plugs "Herbal Viagra"
Targeted Traffic / Email Addresses
Offers a limited time offer
Tells you about a strong buy
Claims to honor removal requests
Gives information about an opportunity
Offers "pure" profit
Offers a picked stock
Offers a alert about a stock
SEC-mandated penny-stock warning
Not registered investment adviser
Offers a consultation for nothing
Describes some sort of breakthrough
They have selected you for something
Asks for credit card details
Asks for a billing address
Asks you for your signature on a form
Contains mail-in order form
offers "instant access"
University Diplomas
Prestigious Non-Accredited Universities'
Domain registration spam body
Claims "cannot be considered spam"
Claims "This is not spam"
Says "this is an advertisement"
Mentions Spam law "HR 3113"
Mentions Spam Law "UCE-Mail Act"
Information on getting larger penis/breasts
Impotence cure
Information on how to work at home
No experience needed!
Information on mortgages
Looks like mortgage pitch
Information on mortgage rates
Something about waiting for mortgages
Something about a mortgage network
A dodgy mortgage testimonial
Interest rates
Order a report from someone
Tells you to 'take action now!'
Asks you to fill out a form
Talks about a million North American dollars
Talks about millions of dollars
Frontpage used to create the message
Contains "Temple Kiff"
Contains "CBYI"
Contains "My wife, Jody" testimonial
Contains "Gentle Ferocity"
Contains "Vjestika Aphrodisia"
Contains "Toner Cartridge"
Doing something with my income
Apparently, you'll be amazed
Resistance to this spam is futile
Trying to offer you something
Contains 'subject to credit approval'
Contains urgent matter
Contains 'earn (dollar) something per week'
Contains 'for only pennies a day'
Contains 'for only' some amount of cash
Spam is 100% natural
Money back guarantee
There is no catch
There is no obligation
You won't be "disappointed"
Serious Enquiries Only
Risk free.
As seen on national TV!
Not intended for residents of somewhere
See for yourself
Encourages you to waste no time in ordering
Vacation Offers
Why Pay More?
Talks about free mobile phones
Free Leads
Receive third party email
Receive a special offer
Free Offer
Free Quote
Free express or no-obligation quote
Free DVD
Free Investment
Free Trial
Free Membership
Free Website
Credit Card Offers
No Credit Check
Avoid Bankruptcy
Credit Bureaus
Accept Credit Cards
Eliminate Bad Credit
Unsecured Credit/Debt
Lower Interest Rates
Compare Rates
Save Up To
Lower Monthly Payment
Consolidate debt, credit, or bills
Calling Creditors
Home refinancing
Discusses search engine listings
No Purchase Necessary
No Strings Attached
No Fees
No Medical Exams
No Age Restrictions
No Claim Forms
No Gimmick
No Investment
Requires Initial Investment
No Inventory
Buy Direct
Drastically Reduced
Do it Today
What are you waiting for
Supplies are Limited
Secretly Recorded
Someone using your identity
You can search for anyone
Find out anything
Score with babes
Invaluable marketing information
Marketing Solutions
Direct Marketing
Save big money
Guaranteed Stuff
Additional Income
Potential Earnings
The best Rates
Promise you
Amazing Stuff
Cash Bonus
Shopping Spree
Fantastic Deal
Cents on the Dollar
Lose Weight Spam
Long Distance Phone Offer
Reverses Aging
Cures Baldness
Cable Converter
Luxury Car
Removes Wrinkles
Buying judgements
Will not Believe your Eyes!
While you Sleep
While Supplies Last
If only it were that easy
Who really wins?
Contains 'Special Promotion'
Offers Free (often stolen) Passwords
Talks about Hidden Charges
Get Started Now
Financial Freedom
Stock Disclaimer Statement
Satisfaction Guaranteed
Talks about prizes
Easy Terms
Offers Extra Cash
Get Paid
Have you been turned down?
One Time Rip Off
Compete for your business
New Customers Only
Meet Singles
Join Millions of Americans
Be your own boss
Dig up Dirt on Friends
Multi Level Marketing mentioned
NOT Multi Level Marketing
Serious cash
"Collect Child Support"
Claims to be Legal
Free Grant Money
Fast Viagra Delivery
Viagra and other drugs
Online Pharmacy
Confidentiality on all orders
Hidden' assets
Save big money
Claims you registered with a partner
Orders shipped by priority mail
Trying to sell insurance online
Contains "Stop Snoring"
Free Application
Apply online (with capital O)
Contains 'free installation' with capitals
Free Preview
Contains 'free access' with capitals
Contains 'free sample' with capitals
Contains 'Get it now' with capitals
Lowest Price
Talks about tracing by SSN
Claims auto-email removal
Once in a lifetime, apparently
More Internet Traffic
No Middleman
Cell Phone Cancer Scam
People just leave money laying around
Form for verifying email address
Claims to be in accordance with some law
Terms and conditions
Don't delete me
Things incredible
Claims not to be selling anything
Psychics Scam
Achieve Wealth
Message talks about earning money
Mentions their affiliate partners
Mentions their full compensation
Mentions their overwhelming growth
Mentions their strict antipathy on something
Mentions their website and/or publications
Mentions where their privacy policy is
Talks about cell-phone signal improvement
Stop the offers, coupons, discounts etc!
Talks about your boss with an exclamation!
Talks about exercise with an exclamation!
Talks about money with an exclamation!
Talks about more with an exclamation!
Talks about Oprah with an exclamation!
Talks about quotes with an exclamation!
International driving license
Talks about 'acting now' with capitals
Talks about 'starting now' with capitals
No Worries, Mate
Talks about 'experts' showing you how
Talks about 'enhancing any website'
Something is emphatically guaranteed
Mailer is against spam
Has generic 'up to X or more' noise
Has add/lose/make/save up to X or more
Describes weight loss
Describes body fat loss
Describes the ravages of aging
Mentions Generic Viagra
Describes "better memory"
Claims you can opt-out
If you want to subscribe...
Local Representative in the subject line

Bayesian filters are the most common system for blocking email by the individual user. For more information on how to avoid these SPAM traps click here

Confirmed Opt-in A user has elected to receive email newsletters or standalone commercial messages. A confirmation email is sent, but the user is not required to take further action in order to be included on the list. The confirmation email includes the opportunity to remove their subscription.

Double Opt-in A user has elected to receive email newsletters or standalone commercial messages. A confirmation email is then sent to the user to which he/she must reply (either by replying to the message or clicking on a URL contained with-in) before the list owner may add them to their list.

For instructions on how to use Admail's Double Opt-in tool: Go to Double Opt-In User Guide

An FBL is a standardized method of reporting spam complaints. An Internet Service Provider (ISP) sends these complaint reports to the original email sender. The information in the report can be used to remove List Members that have complained and also to gauge the perceived quality of an email campaign. uses FBLs to automatically remove List Members when complaints are received.

A spamtrap is a honeypot used to collect spam.

Spamtraps are email addresses that are created not for communication, but rather to lure spam. In order to prevent legitimate email from being invited, the email address will typically only be published in a location hidden from view such that an automated email address harvester (used by spammers) can find the email address, but no sender would be encouraged to send messages to the email address for any legitimate purpose. Since no email is solicited by the owner of this spamtrap email address, any email messages sent to this address are immediately considered unsolicited.

The term is composed of the common words "spam" and "trap", because a spam analyst will lay out spamtraps to catch wild spam in the same way that a fur trapper lays out traps to catch wild animals.

Most SPAM filters consider capital letters a red flag that a message is SPAM. If you use all caps in your email you run the risk of having an increased number of emails being rejected by SPAM filters.

We have developed a tool that uses SpamAssassin's rule set to evaluate your email. It can be accessed here: Email Evaluation Tool

Ad Agencies & Resellers

Yes. Simply email your request for removal to or with your account number and the logo will be turned off.

Yes. Just send an email to or, along with your account number and request an account. Give us the addr2 you want to use.

All links and return email addresses will reflect your This email address will send them to a generic address page that forwards them to a randomly selected search engine page.

Under the CAN-SPAM ACT, ADV in the subject line is no longer required. What is required is that you in include your address in the body of your email solicitation. For a copy of the CAN-SPAM ACT; Click Here!™ Company Information

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